Key Facts & Dates

About RTP

RTP Global is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology companies. Since 2000, RTP Global has partnered with more than a hundred founding teams across Europe, Asia, and North America. RTP has an impressive track record, backing over a dozen companies that went on to be worth more than $1bn – half of which are now public, and trade at $10bn+ market caps. Notable early-stage investments include Datadog, Delivery Hero, SumUp, Socure and Cred.


  • In all of RTP Global’s funds, the vast majority of capital has derived from its founder, Leonid Boguslavsky
  • In RTP Global’s current fund, Leonid contributes >99% of the capital
  • RTP Global has never received an investment from a Russian institution and the vast majority of Leonid’s net worth was created from tech investments in US, Europe and Asia
  • RTP employees, and the founders RTP has historically invested in, make up the remainder of the fund’s capital

Investments & Portfolio

  • In 2012, RTP Global was one of the first investors in Datadog, which returned 500x the invested capital and became one of the fund’s major holdings
  • RTP Global was an early investor in Epam, RingCentral, Delivery Hero and other public companies in the US and Europe
  • RTP Global’s current portfolio includes successful businesses from 18 countries across the world. RTP Global doesn’t invest in Russia.

About the Founder, Leonid Boguslavsky

  • 1951: Born in Moscow
  • 1973: Graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  • 1973-1990: Conducted scientific research into mathematics for computer systems and networks, and received a Doctorate of Science in Engineering
  • 1990: Founded LVS, an exclusive distributor of Oracle in Russia
  • 1991: Moved to Canada. He was a visiting professor at the University of Toronto
  • 1996: Became a Canadian citizen
  • 1997: Sold LVS to PwC, becoming a Managing Partner responsible for its Management Consulting practice
  • 2000: Co-founded investment firm ru-Net, using the proceeds from the sale of his company to PwC
  • 2000: ru-Net Holdings Limited invested in Yandex, paying $5.27 million for a 35% stake
  • 2011: Yandex floated 17.6% of its shares on NASDAQ for $1.3 billion. Leonid sold a portion of his shares during the IPO, using the funds to invest in other technology companies
  • 2011: Established a US-based fund – RTP Ventures – and opened the New York office
  • 2017: Co-founded Super League Triathlon
  • 2018: ru-Net rebrands to RTP Global
  • 2020: Set up RTP Global’s third fund of $650 million
  • 2022: In response to the conflict in Ukraine, Leonid released this statement in March 2022 – “I call for peace”
  • Leonid has not been a resident of Russia since 2015. He lives in Italy with his wife and children.