Alexander Pavlov, Partner


Alex joined RTP Global straight after university back in 2008. He is passionate about meeting new people and working with promising companies to help them build market-leading businesses. Alex sits on the boards of several companies including 2GIS, Urban Sports Club and AppFollow. His key areas of focus are marketplaces, AI, wellness & fitness and entertainment.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Moscow State University and a master’s degree in Economics from the New Economic School.

Alex strongly believes in founders being the main prerequisite for building great businesses and is focused on working closely with them to help with advice, knowledge and networking.

Alex is passionate about snowboarding, wakeboarding and motocross and one can frequently meet him in extreme parks practicing some new tricks.

If you could share three bits of wisdom with a budding entrepreneur what would they be?
— Have great co-founders. Starting a business is hard and having reliable, like-minded co-founders is vital.
— Be fast and iterate quickly: time is your main enemy and you need to be ahead of the curve. If things do not work, be prepared to give them up.
— Be obsessed with your customers.

What market-leading start-up do you most admire?
Amazon is an amazing company. The way they continue to iterate and yet stay humble (it’s always day one) is unprecedented.

What’s the most difficult decision you have ever made in business?
It’s always very hard to accept that the business does not work. It’s especially hard for entrepreneurs and this is exactly where investors should help. Realizing early on that something isn’t working, helps save time, energy, and resources.