Anastasia Pavlova, Partner Legal & Ops

Partner, Legal & Operations

Anastasia joined RTP Global in 2008. As General Counsel of the fund, she’s responsible for supervising the legal team, deal closings, tax structuring, and compliance. Anastasia likes working with founders, and portfolio companies and seeing them develop their own legal ecosystem that grows alongside their businesses.

Anastasia holds a degree in law from Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) and an LL.M. from UC Berkeley School of Law.

She is the executive of the Start-up lab of Berkeley Law Society.

Anastasia likes dancing, running, and doing sports with her son and husband.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of the job you do?
I feel grateful to work with so many talented people from different cultures and backgrounds, be able to learn from them, and share my knowledge with them.

What expertise do you bring to the founders you engage with?
Setting up proper legal and tax structures from scratch, especially for early-stage companies where RTP Global is a First Investor. It’s interesting to see how founders develop in the legal ecosystem and “grow” together with their businesses. With our assistance and guidance, many go from having only a basic understanding of legal terms in shareholders’ agreements to being mature and knowledgeable parties successfully negotiating the deals with institutional, strategic investors, etc.

What’s your greatest working achievement?
It coincided with the IPO of one of the earlier RTP Global portfolio companies (YNDX) which resulted in an investment team’s decision to re-invest a substantial portion of the exit proceeds into new ventures. Thereafter, RTP Global evolved into a far more substantial fund, with several hundred million USD under management and a broad geographic mandate to invest in India, South-East Asia, Europe, and Russia. Since 2011, we have grown the portfolio from less than 10 companies in one geographical region to over 40 companies across 10 markets, all with more or less the same team. For someone like me who’s always enjoyed expanding my professional horizons, this has been a fascinating time.

As a part of the expansion, I have led RTP Global’s legal efforts, including setting up proper legal and tax frameworks to invest in different markets, structuring, negotiating, and closing each deal, and supervising the work of law firms representing our interests in different jurisdictions. Many of the problems we’ve had to solve over the years were new to me and our team, and we often had to learn as we went along. For example, when we decided to start investing in India in 2012, we had no understanding of how this should be structured and had no network to tap into to ask for advice. I had to complete a detailed analysis of existing market practices and propose an efficient, low-cost solution that would give us a proper level of control and protect our interests. After that kind of challenge, entering into new markets in new regions of the world doesn’t seem quite so hard anymore.

What’s the best piece of business advice you have ever been given?
Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions.