Will Cole, Finance

Senior Fund Accountant

What is your name and please describe your role at RTP?
Will Cole joined in 2021 as Senior Fund Accountant. Responsible for the Fund and Portfolio reporting for the RTP Venture Funds.

What expertise do you bring to the founders you engage with?
Since 2013, I have been working in the asset and wealth management industry as an auditor and more recently as a fund analyst. I have therefore gained a very strong knowledge of the financial reporting requirements of closed-ended private equity funds and also how to manage their treasury function.

What business sectors are you most interested in?
I am very interested in Fintech and any industry whereby technology is being used to facilitate the link between consumers and suppliers.

If you could tell a budding entrepreneur three bits of wisdom what would they be?
Work as a team and build on each other’s strengths. Don’t be fearful and if you are going to do something, do it with passion.

What’s your greatest life achievement so far?
For charity, I ran a 74km ultramarathon across the Swiss Alps with an overall ascent of 4000 meters of altitude. This called for some of my key strengths to being competitive, courageous, and determined.