Location: London

Yulia Zhukova

Partner, General Counsel

Yulia is a Partner at RTP Global and acts as General Counsel for the firm. She is responsible for structuring investment processes, execution of transactions and providing up-to-date legal support to RTP Global’s investment team and portfolio companies across the US, Europe and Asia.

She helps founders in the firm’s portfolio develop their own legal ecosystem. With her and her team’s assistance and guidance, many founders go from having a basic understanding of legal terms in shareholders’ agreements to being mature and knowledgeable parties who can successfully negotiate deals with institutional and strategic investors. Prior to joining RTP Global in 2013, Yulia worked in a tax consulting law firm.

Outside of work, Yulia is studying for her WSET Diploma to become an expert in all aspects of wine. She has a particular passion for wines from different regions in France. Yulia also enjoys ballet and often goes to the theatre to watch live performances.