RTP Global Our story

RTP Global is here today because of a bold bet. 

Two decades ago, our founder Leonid sold his tech company and invested the proceeds, along with most of his personal wealth, to found our venture capital firm. Success was not guaranteed, but he trusted his vision and went all in.

That same bold, ambitious spirit has been the heart of RTP Global ever since. And that spirit is the first thing we look for in a founder.

Far from ordinary

We recognize true potential when we see it. When a founder has it, we don’t hold back. We decide quickly, invest early and commit deeply, sometimes holding an investment for as long as 20 years while we back the founder to realize their ambition.

And when a bet pays off, we reinvest the proceeds into our new funds. We stick with our founders because when they succeed, we succeed.

Strength in diversity

We’re a team of early stage investors. But we’re also a team of former founders, start-up operators, engineers, and data and computer scientists.

Twice a week, every week, we bring together our diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, connecting our teams in New York, Bangalore, Dubai, London and Paris to reach decisions, share local knowledge and discuss trends.

Our founders gain access to this entire team but also to our exclusive and diverse network of entrepreneurs. We create opportunities and events for our founders to come together, share ideas and playbooks, and build long-lasting relationships.

We recognize and embrace variety and diversity in this way because we know the ideas that reshape the world can only come from thinking differently. 

Your boldest believer

Since 2000, we’ve backed hundreds of founders who share our ambitious spirit. Among them, the minds behind billion-dollar tech companies like Datadog, Delivery Hero and Cred.

Our advice, candor and support comes from the heart; we know what it is to chase your ambition. We have first-hand experience of expanding fast and into new territories, learning from our mistakes, getting back up again and again – always with eyes fixed on our goal.

To us, our investments are more than transactions. They’re stories of innovation and determination.

To our founders, we’re more than an investor. We’re believers.

Providing not just capital. Realizing True Potential. Realize yours. 

Key stats

90 +
Founders backed since 2000
1 in 0
Companies valued at over $1bn
1 in 0
Companies valued at over $10bn
Funds, to date
$ 1 bn+
Assets Under Management
Locations around the world

How we invest


Seed, Series A, Series B.

Start something.


B2B and B2C technology, including AI, B2B SaaS, devOps, fintech, ecommerce and retail, health, edtech, climate, and transport.

Our portfolio.


Our latest $1 billion fund is the result of us reinvesting the proceeds from our success stories. 

Our portfolio.


Full-time partners and investment teams in 7 locations across the USA, Europe and Asia

Our team

Our values

The guideposts that determine how we do business. They sum up what our business stands for, influences the organizational culture and drives how and why we do things.

Act like an owner

We hire smart people and give them a high degree of personal autonomy. We provide support and context, empowering them to drive the business.

One team

We believe in the power of collaboration across our global team. Everyone has a voice and the opportunity to grow.

Dare to fail

We use our creativity and agility as a competitive advantage to win deals. We move quickly and decisively, and we find ways to make even seemingly impossible things happen.

Look after each other

We value hard work, but we also care about each other’s wellbeing. We take time to connect on a personal level and build strong relationships with each other. We value challenge but we always seek to understand the other person’s viewpoint and show respect.