RTP Global Our story

Our VC firm was founded on taking bold bets – and it’s a philosophy we still live by today.

In the late 90s, a new technology called ‘the Internet’ was set to change the world forever and our founder saw an opportunity. After selling his own tech company to PwC, he co-founded an investment firm that would be one of the first to invest in internet companies. It was a bold bet, one that saw him invest 99% of his net wealth.

And it paid off.

Since 2000, RTP Global has backed over 110 founders of some of the biggest emerging tech and internet start-ups, right from their very early stages. These companies – like Datadog, DeliveryHero and Cred – went on to become global, multi-billion dollar businesses.

That entrepreneurial mindset, appetite for taking risks, and desire to back the founders using technology to solve big problems is baked into the DNA of our firm.

I guess we could say that we are founder-first… but every venture capital firm says that don’t they?

The thing is, we’re a bit different to traditional VC firms.

Our capital comes, almost, entirely from us reinvesting proceeds from our past success stories. What this means in practice is that we can actually be founder-first and completely aligned with our founders’ ambitions.

Everything we do – from the way our fund is structured, to the way we deploy our capital, to the risks we take and to the hires we make – is designed to benefit you on your journey to build a global, category-defining company.

Speaking of global, we are also a truly global team with full-time investing presence in New York, Bangalore, Dubai, London and Paris.

With our partners literally on-the-ground in these regions, we have a much stronger understanding of the local markets. We also play an active role in developing the wider investing ecosystems in those regions, investing in many of the leading local pre-seed and seed funds. The result? Access to global networks, communities and information to help you scale.

Our speed, scale and support means we provide our founders more than just capital. We help founders realize their true potential.

Key stats

90 +
Total investments​
1 in 0
Became multi-billion
dollar businesses
1 in 0
Became decacorns
Funds, to date
$ 1 bn+
Assets Under Management
50/ 10
Gender split of
leadership team

How we work with you

What stage does RTP Global invest in? 

We invest at seed, Series A and Series B, recognizing potential early on. We want to be the boldest believers in these businesses right from the start, to increase their odds of success and help them become the next generation of category defining companies. 

What sector or industry do you invest in?

RTP Global invests in tech companies across multiple sectors including: AI and machine learning, B2B SaaS, DevOps, fintech, e-commerce and retail, education, health tech, and transport and logistics. We invest in the US, Europe and Asia, and do not invest in Russia. 

What is partnering with RTP Global like?

We could tell you a lot of things about what it’s like to partner with RTP Global but it’s better to hear from the portfolio companies themselves:

How do I contact the right partner?

We have an investment team presence in the US, Europe and Asia. Just send us a message and we’ll connect you to the right person. Or you can learn more about our team here.