3 mistakes entrepreneurs can avoid

To be a successful entrepreneur, you will make mistakes. I certainly did.  In my role as a start-up founder and as an investor, I have experienced and witnessed a number of mistakes and learnings. At our recent RTP Global Founders Summit, I shared some of these mistakes with our founders so that they might be … Read more

Is ChatGPT all hype?

Alex, how are VCs thinking about ChatGPT? Investors seeking companies in the generative AI space first need to understand what they are investing in. VCs will never find a generative AI model that can compete with Google or Microsoft’s Open AI. Why? Because no start-up has the computing power nor the billions of dollars that … Read more

Standing for peace

In response to the conflict in Ukraine, RTP Global’s founder, Leonid Boguslavsky shares this statement: “Seeing what is happening in Ukraine, I cannot remain silent. “I feel deeply that this catastrophic and unjustified tragedy must end. I believe that invention and entrepreneurship should be used to build a new, better world – one with more joy … Read more