Location: San Francisco

Andrea Funsten

Partner, US

Andrea is a Partner on RTP Global’s US investment team, splitting her time between San Francisco and New York. Her focus is on early stage investments in B2B SaaS and infrastructure across AI/ML, fintech, devOps, logistics and supply chain.

Prior to joining RTP Global in 2023, Andrea was a Managing Partner at Basecamp Fund where she built out a portfolio of over 50 companies at the pre-seed and seed stages such as Flatfile, Cube, Railway, FleetOps, and TripleBlind. She also served on the investment teams for Expa and Fika Ventures, and on the operating side led sales efforts at early stage startups like VTS.

Her motivation to become a VC stems from her own experience as a startup founder. In 2014 Andrea founded Loop, a group buying platform, where she quickly realized how little start-up news coverage reported the true up and down experience of the founder journey. It was during this time that she started hosting small founder dinners in her San Francisco apartment, dubbed “group therapy,” to connect other founders going through the same experience.

Andrea holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. A native of Los Angeles and daughter of a Latin American immigrant, Andrea can’t always understand how people who live outside of California make it through the colder seasons. She loves playing chess and will travel far and wide to see comedy shows in any city she visits.

Notable Investments

Shakudo, Bytewax, SDF Labs