Location: San Francisco

Andrea Funsten

Partner, US

Andrea is a Partner on the US investment team where her focus is on early stage investments in B2B SaaS and infrastructure. She favors categories like fintech, manufacturing, supply chain, and technologies that solve problems through the use of data, automation, and AI/ML. Her investment thesis has a strong bias towards backing unconventional founders, and she prefers to be the first money in when others will “wait and see.”

Previously, Andrea was a Managing Partner at Basecamp Fund where she built out a portfolio of over +50 companies such as Flatfile, Railway and TripleBlind. She was on the investing team at Expa and Fika Ventures. Prior to Venture, Andrea was on the other side of the table building out Sales and go-to-market strategies for early stage startups, including founding and launching her own company in 2014.

She holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. A native of Los Angeles and daughter of a Latin American immigrant, Andrea is always thinking of plotting her next outdoor adventure (ideally in sunshine) or trip to Central America.