Pauline Cave, Analyst

Research Analyst

Pauline joined RTP Global in 2022. She is an analyst in charge of developing Paris office and investments in France, as well as building global data-driven investment theses. Previously, Pauline has been an analyst in VC at the French fund Aster Capital, and project manager at Back Market, the French unicorn of refurbished devices.

Pauline holds a Master’s degree in management from ESSEC Business School with a specialization in corporate finance.

Passionate about sports, Pauline has been playing tennis and cycling for a long time.

  1. What startups are you most interested in?

B2B or B2C, I love products that are game changers and not just “nice to have”. The best startups change people’s lives, and are not just side features.


  1. What’s your main business goal?

The entire French ecosystem has started to grow exponentially and there are many opportunities to be seized. For this reason, RTP’s ambition is to position itself on the future French unicorns by bringing its experience of its previous successes in the various countries where RTP is present.


  1. What’s the most challenging aspect of the job you do?

Find the best startups in the best sectors at the best time.